Hello and welcome! I'm an Argentinian photographer based in Vienna, Austria.
Photography has always been present in my life. In my early years I was already fascinated by the fact that with my camera I could make special moments last forever. Little by little, my interest in photography grew and, supported by my family and my husband - my boyfriend at the time - my dream to have a reflex camera came true. I never imagined how much this moment would change my life! Although I was already working as a pharmacist, I did photography courses and I tried my skills with family and friends. This is when I realised how much I enjoyed being behind my camera and connecting with the people I was photographing. It became my main challenge to capture their magic and to portray their unique souls. Emotions move me and I try to convey that through my pictures.
My sessions are relaxed and carried out in a comfortable and fun environment that everyone will enjoy! I take my time to make everyone feel at ease, and the outcome is natural-looking images with genuine expressions and unique moments. Outdoor photography with plenty of natural light characterizes my style. Actually, I specially love shooting at sunset.
Thanks for visiting my page and having a look at my work! If you would like to get in touch with me you can do this through the contact section: 

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